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Pastoral Care

Our school is committed to the pastoral care of all students in the school. Ms Breege Smith, our pastoral care coordinator supports and encourages pastoral awareness within the school and encourages the involvement of parents in school life.

A class tutor is appointed to every class. The tutor is a teacher who voluntarily takes on the task of the special care of a class group. The role of class tutor involves monitoring the progress of each student in every area of school life.

It incorporates monitoring students’ progress on VSware also disciplining students in relation to inappropriate behaviour, punctuality and indiscipline in the classroom.

The class tutor plays a key role in observing those students who are vulnerable or in difficulty. The class tutor also offers support and encouragement to students to ensure they benefit fully from the curricular and extracurricular activities on offer in the school.

Ms Martina Smith (Counsellor and Psychotherapist) visits the school on a weekly basis and meets with students by appointment.  Martina is funded by the School Completion Programme and is an invaluable asset to the students and the Care Team.

Special responsibility in relation to pastoral care is given to the pastoral care team. This team includes:


Deputy Principal


Guidance Counsellor

Home School Community Liaison Person

Special Education Coordinator

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Within the pastoral care programme, the importance of developing good communication links with the home and community are recognised.

These links are developed through open nights, induction day for 1st year students, organising of activity days, school tours and school talks, parent teacher meetings and school masses.

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