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International Women's Day

14th March 2019

"You miss 100 percent of the opportunities you don't take,I believe that on and off the pitch" - Alex Danson

Castlepollard Community College celebrated International Women's day by hosting the Nationwide 20x20 show your stripes movement.5th year students grouped together to best plan an all-inclusive event for the first years that meet the 20x20 objectives which includes an increase in pacipation,coverage and attendance in sporting events.

The morning started with a talk from the students to First year girls explaining what the day had in store and what sport means to them. 5th year students who play Gaelic Football,Hockey,Camogie and Running co-ordinated hybrid games to ensure that all the girls started on the same level.After a class of dodgeball and benchball,the 1st years participated in a interactive Q&A about barriers to sport and how we as a student body and school can help to overcome these barriers to create an all-inclusive safe environment for people of all ages and levels in sport.Its always good to end on a sweet note,the girls all received a small bag of sweets with an inspirational word written on them.

Overall the day acted as a bridge from seniors to juniors,to connect both levels and act as ambassadors for their sports.

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