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Hockey: Local rivals clash in crucial tie

29th January 2019

Co-captains M D’Arcy and R O’ Keeffe knew that they needed a win if pollard was to have a chance in advancing to the final of the Meath West league. The pollard girls preformed exceptionally, and from this received a well deserved win, 3-0, against Wilsons hospital school.

Castlepollard started with tip, took by R Ayres, who gave a lovely push pass to E Lancaster. The game was off to a good start for pollard with most of the possession. J Ginnell, C Harmon, E Lancaster, L White, R Ayres and M D’Arcy gave smooth passes trying to break down the strong Wilsons defence. Half way through the first half and pollard received their first short corner. Pushing out was R O’ Keeffe who passed to M D’Arcy who scored a smasher of a goal.

The game was off to a good start for the pollard side, but however the pollard backs were put under pressure as a Wilsons winger got on to the end of a stray ball. The ball was cleared strongly by C Devine but however Wilsons received a free as it hit a blue players foot. Wilsons were well organised for this free as a forward had a shot on a goal, but they were no match for pollards unbelievable goalie D O’ Keeffe, who cleared the ball out the wings.

Pollard girls received another two short corners but unfortunately the shots were saved by the strong defense of Wilsons. Shortly after M D’Arcy had a hat trick. With another goal from lovely stick work, following this was a whopper goal from a long corner.

Wilsons had tip in the second half, it was clear that they had new strategies as the team had more possession than the first half. They received two short corners which were defended well by D O’Keeffe, K Cassidy, R O’Keeffe, C Devine and M D’Arcy, the score still 3-0. There were strong performances from S Butler and K Cassidy who stopped the path of many Wilson girls. And an outstanding performance from C Devine who unfortunately was injured in the last 5 minutes.

The game ended in a result the girls could only dream of, with a smashing hat trick form M D’Arcy. However the Wilsons team put up a strong fight but unfortunately for them it wasn't their day. Their pitch claimed the knees of the pollard girls, with C Devine, K Cassidy and R O’ Keeffe all having to visit the school nurse, but the girls didn't mind as they know have a chance in advancing to the finals.

Player of match: Megan D’Arcy

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