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Artist visit

5th May 2016

Last week, 5th year art students were treated to a unique Casting Workshop given by artist, Mel French. The workshop ran over four days and gave the students a valuable insight into the art of casting. Students were pushed artistically over the course of the four days and made the most of the skills they have developed over their first year in the Leaving Cert course. The course was enjoyed by all and well done to everyone involved. Take a look at some of the pictures from the few days.

Here is a breakdown of the workshop:

Day 1
Slide show of work with discussion on concepts/ materials / processes

  • Introduction to Algenate
  • Making small Algenate moulds
  • Casting plaster positives from the Algenate moulds

Day 2

Body casting with plaster bandage & press moulds

Day 3

  • Casting into plaster bandage casts
  • Casting into press moulds
  • De-moulding plaster bandage moulds

Day 4

  • Sanding / cleaning casts
  • Plaster patination ( colouring plaster )
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